Targeting αvβ3 integrin receptors using Ga-68 labelled RGD peptides

Warsaw Medical Physics Meeting 2015

The aim of this study was to target the αvβ3 integrin on tumor cells in the frame of diagnostic imaging. Due to its overexpression at the surface of cancer cells and osteoclasts, integrin αvβ3 is a bio-active receptor in several pathologic processes related to tumor growth and methastasis. As a specific transporter c(RGD)2 coupled with DOTA was used and radiolabelled with Ga-68, through automated synthesis, obtaining a PET radiotracer. During this study the eluate from an anorganic column based Ge-68/Ga-68 generator was characterized, then an automated synthesis procedure was implemented leading to a radiochemical pure compound. The biodistribution pattern of Ga-68 - DOTA – E-[c(RGDfK)2] in Walker and melanoma models shows high tumor uptake, also confirmed by PET/CT at 30 min postinjection. Binding to receptors is achieved in the first 3 min of incubation. As to conclude the Ga-68 - DOTA - E-[c(RGDfK)2] radiotracer is an obvious nominee to be developed as a PET radiopharmaceutical.

Filip Daniel Puicea

Practical Info

14-05-2015 10:50
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