Radiation protection dosimetry using recombination chambers at radiotherapy facilities

Warsaw Medical Physics Meeting 2015

Recombination chambers give possibility to perform measurements for various purposes of radiation protection of patient, medical personnel, bystanders and other people. Radiation protection with help of large tissue equivalent detectors gives not only dose but also ambient dose equivalent. Secondary cancer risk of not treated organs could be recognized with small in-phantom chambers or ring-shape recombination chamber specially designed for dose delivered to optic nerve in proton-eye-therapy. Another group of detectors for Radiological Protection are high sensitive large chambers (high-pressure or with boron addition). Recombination chambers cover whole expectation of dose range from in-beam measurements (treatment) to environmental levels (radiation protection in medical center). In this lecture I will focus on radiation protection at different facilities with examples of heavy ion therapy, proton therapy, radiotherapy and the neutron therapy.

Michał Gryziński

Practical Info

16-05-2015 11:35
40 minutes 12 seconds